domingo, enero 03, 2016

52 epifanías de año nuevo

Esta tarde me he topado con esta lista en internet y me ha gustado tanto que he decidido trasladarla a mi blog. 

Cada una de las frases es una pequeña joya en sí misma, pero la que más me ha resonado es ésta: "Gender, country, sexuality, religion, race and background are all irrelevant in the eyes of love". Porque el Amor es sin duda la fuerza que nos une en todos los sentidos, la que va más allá de nuestras limitaciones y nuestros defectos para acercarnos y hermanarnos. Porque el amor es puro, limpia, cura, restaura y repara.

  • The richest person is the world is the one that needs, wants and desires nothing.
  • Discover, forgive and accept what you have repressed and you will feel great freedom.
  • Learn to love all that is in your life right NOW – not what you did have or will have.
  • Freedom and happiness is right here, right now, ready for you to take it. It isn’t in some future thought, accomplishment or dream.
  • Forgiveness is freedom.

Emotional Pain
  • Always remember that emotions come and go, rise and fall.
  • Resistance is the cause of every form of emotional pain.
  • When you stop refusing, defying and fighting against yourself, other people and life, you stop suffering.
  • Honor your emotions for the lessons they bring you in the moment.

Physical Pain
  • Let the pain exist. Be open to experiencing the pain. This is the secret to transcending the pain.
  • The more you resist and fight against your pain, the more you suffer.
  • Acknowledge the pain, but don’t become identified with it (e.g. “My body is aching, this is so terrible, I don’t want this to happen to me” VS. “Pain is there. I see it. I watch it. But it isn’t ‘me’.”)

  • Every person who comes into your life is a potential teacher.
  • People often reflect the most desirable and undesirable traits within you.
  • To truly connect with another person, listen to and become insatiably interested in them.
  • Unkindness, maliciousness and aggression is often the result of unresolved inner pain.
  • The more you learn true empathy, the more you learn to understand and make peace with others.
  • Most people are scared and in pain.
  • Don’t ever expect to change another person. They will only change if they first decide to.

  • Every single person in your life (regardless of position) is equal with you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re above or below another.
  • You don’t owe anyone anything. Let love come from a place of freedom, not empty duty.
  • You attract what you embody.
  • No one can save you but yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.
  • You are the best friend you’ll ever have.
  • No one can make you feel rotten without your permission.
  • You are ultimately what you make of yourself.
  • The only restrictions there are to your life are those you create and perpetuate.
  • Your riches, beauty, popularity and health can be taken away, but your soul can never fade.

  • The more you fear death, the more you fear living life.
  • Every single person who has ever lived has been scared. It’s what you choose to do with that fear that counts.
  • Accept unpredictability as a fact of life and learn to trust your own strength.

  • Live simply: less is more.
  • You never know when your life will end, so absorb the richness of life right now.
  • Your house environment is a reflection of the state of your mind.
  • The more things you gain, the more things you have to lose.
  • Declutter your house and you will declutter your mind.
  • Make time to connect with your childlike self. Curiosity never dies, it is only hidden.

  • The only way to avoid a broken heart is to be open for your heart to break.
  • True love is wild, undiscerning and limitless.
  • In order to unconditionally love others you must first unconditionally love yourself.
  • Love forgives all.
  • If you love someone, let them fly free. They aren’t yours to keep and they never will be.
  • Love expands.
  • Gender, country, sexuality, religion, race and background are all irrelevant in the eyes of love.
  • Love is truth and truth is love.

  • Strength is showing your weakness.
  • Pursuing happiness makes you unhappy.
  • Black only exists in comparison to white.
  • To experience joy we must experience pain.
  • To be free, we must first experience servitude.
  • The best way to receive is to give.
  • The more you know, the more you know nothing.

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